Correcting Your Posture Effectively

If you are one of those people with bad posture and you are wondering on how to get the problem fixed before it’s late, then this article is for you.

How to correct posture

Having a correct posture means that when you walk, sit or stand your back should be upright, your chest pushed out and your stomach pulled in. The best way to achieve this is to stand and sit in the best upright manner possible. Ensure that you put all the weight and stress on your muscles and joints. This is a good way of keeping a good posture, and when sitting try to get a chair that is comfortable and enables you to remain in an upright position.

Below are some posture exercises that if followed properly should help correct your posture in an effective manner.

Exercise 1. You should stand erect and upright. Your ears should be aligned over your ears with both your hands raised and your arms along your ears. Bend your hands in such a manner that your palms touch your shoulder blades. Stay for about in this position and try at least 10 a day.

Exercise 2. Sit on a chair, ensuring that both your feet are touching the floor. Ensure that you are seating upright and in a comfortable manner. Relax for while before putting your palms on to your thighs. Then move your shoulder blades in such a manner that they rub against each other. Perform this exercise up to 15 times daily.

Exercise 3. In this one you sit on the floor with your legs crossed, and place your hands on your thighs. This should be a comfortable position! Pull your tummy in by taking in a deep breath. Exhale slowly and repeat this 15 times per session. Doing this on a regular basis will improve your posture as well as your count to about 200. This simple exercise is one manner in which you can tuck in your belly.

In today’s current market there are quite a number of tools that aid in posture correction. These basically come of two types, correction and assessment. The tools for correction help fix the problem whilst those for assessment help detect the problem. Using these tools in a proper and regular manner will bring about positive change with time. Below is an example of such tools.

Dowel Rod. This is a tool used for assessing the body posture. It’s a light stick that is placed on the back so as to note your spinal alignment. These tools can used to note whether or not you have a habit of favouring one side of the body.

Braces. Braces are used for correcting the posture and they are usually recommended by a wide range of medical professionals. Braces are soft and non elastic straps that are specially made so as to offer the most secure fit. They come included with an adjustable closure so as to enable the increase or decrease in the pressure and support. Braces can be used by both children and adults to support the back.


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