Getting Custom Made Fabrics For Suits

If you want to dress for success, then you need suits that will make you look your best. Some people can go to stores and buy items off the racks without any difficulty. Others find shopping a frustrating experience as they can't quite get the right fit, colour, or fabric. If you belong to the later group, then you should try getting bespoke suits. Find a tailor that can make your clothes from scratch. These will match your unique physical measurements and cater to your personal aesthetics. You can even pick your preferred custom fabrics. Consider the following when making your selections:

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The Usage Scenario

What are you going to use the suits for? Is this for everyday wear as in your office attire? You may need several of these so they have to be practical and affordable. They cannot be too flashy since you would not want to stand out in a formal setting. You just need to look sharp and competent. The suits be be comfortable above all else since you will be wearing them day in and day out. Are you trying to create a more special outfit for an equally special occasion? Then you probably have the freedom to push the boundaries. Are you unhappy with your current business travel wardrobe and eager for something new? 

The Current Season

Suits for summer need to be light and breathable. Otherwise, they will be a pain to wear when they sun is scorching hot. You will have trouble walking around as you will sweat profusely. It will not look or feel good at all. Linens are great for the weather although you will have to deal with the wrinkling quite a lot. Blends of silk and linen can minimise the eye sore. Tropical weight wool is another solid option. During winters, you will have to put on something that is thicker for insulation. Aim for thicker threads even if these may result in a coarser texture. You need to prioritize comfort above all else. Consider flannels and tweeds in classic styling. 

The Regulations

Some offices are have definite standards for suits so you will need to consider the rules before you go to your tailor. They might not leave you much room to experiment with different cuts and designs. It is always a good idea to read it all and prevent expensive mistakes. For example, they might force you to pick a shade of blue, gray, or black. Anything outside of these hues might not be permitted in the premises. Other places such as clubs might ask you to add specific details to your suits. Wedding invitations may also include detailed instructions about the attire. 

The Durability Level

Lastly, the bespoke suits should have fabrics that have adequate durability for their intended applications. Suits for daily use will have to withstand frequent washing and stretching. Look for fabrics with thicker thread diameter. This will be indicated by a lower "super" number. Note that the source of the fabric will also affect the quality. For seldom-used suits, it is fine to have thin threads with smooth textures.